I am Rev. Sungho Lee. I am a United Methodist Church pastor, serving in the California Nevada Annual Conference. My wife, Hyesung, is also a pastor of the United Methodist Church. We have served local churches more than 30 years. I am the director of the Small Group Academy—UMC, and the organizer of the VIP Ministry Network.

  • Value
  • Identity
  • Purpose

VIP Ministry Network helps others find their biblical Value, Identity, and Purpose in their lives through small groups. Learn how to guide small group participants as they grow together.

Small Group Resources

Free information and tutorials for creating, building, and leading
small groups within the church. If you have questions about any of the resources, please send me a message and I will do my best respond.

Online Tutorials

Free guides to help create, build and lead small groups within the Church. Download
and study them at your leisure.


Watch, learn and discuss. You can add a comment or question below the video and we can learn together. Hint: if you are restricted from adding a comment, try switching browsers.

Online Training

Sign up for online small group leadership training. Watch the seminar with other church leaders and discuss the material. Please contact me to find out the date of the next event.


Coaching is a discovery process to find out who the person is, what actions are possible, and what their visions are. Through this process, the coachee identifies their strengths and barriers.


I share my sermons, poems, and thoughts with my wider audience than my church members. I learn from others when they respond to my writings. In this way, I grow with others.

Reverend Sungho Lee * VIP Ministry Network