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I have hope!

One poem at a time one small act of kindness a day one cup of tea in the morning will do all that we need for the creation Keep preaching every Sunday keep visiting everyday will do all that we need to keep the universe Feed our enemies Give a cup of water to those…

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Ukraine Easter

The ugly cross hangs nothing the body there is gone The dark small tomb is empty the corpse there disappeared The smoke and fire of the Korean war are forgotten K-pop and K-drama replaced them The cries and tears of Ukraine will be transformed to make the country rise from the dirt That is what…

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New Creation

Let there be light God’s vocal cord trembled Scientists call it a string theory  We call it creation Let the waters be parted Waters above heavens and waters beneath them Scientists call it a big bang after first inflation We call it the second day Let the waters gather in one place  Let the land…

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You do not need war

You are beautiful God said after his creation To me To you To every created things No need to change No need to improve You are so good as is Accept that you are accepted Be satisfied with what you are Give thanks to God for everything You have only this moment to breathe.

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Quantum Theology

When I think of my own death I become a child Curiously I want to open the gift box to see what is in there I know that I have a music with all different lengths and heights to make a beautiful praise for my Creator I cannot wait to hear it When I think…

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When the supernova exploded into universe when the small stars were born hydrogen and oxygen carbon and nitrogen all the other elements were ready to be used in the universe When we come to the time to explode again into the universe when we become stars again love and peace joy and hope all the…

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After death

Then the song begins A story is born about an old person who used to be young When the physical body falls Our songs are emancipated Our stories are being written On stars in skies spread into the universe Who would catch the glimpse of it to make a new song to sing to read…

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