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Tides of Season

In realms of age and ailment we may dwell, A conduit we become, amidst life’s swell, To traverse boundless realms, we shall abide, Through verse and song, our journeys we’ll guide. For in our poems, melodies entwined, And should the need arise, sermons we’ll find, Beyond mere wrinkles and the hands of time, Our souls…

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Oh, do not fret about what tomorrow may bring, For today holds all we truly need. We have the wind, the sun, and the solid earth beneath our feet, And beneath it all, the wriggling worms we hardly ever see. We have rabbits and squirrels who scurry and play, And rainbows to grace the sky…

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You are my fate

In the heavens above, the stars doth declare, “No need to roam, with me, stay and share, For in this vast universe, there be thousands of me, And countless galaxies, as far as the eye can see.” As night descends upon us, we draw near, Creating a universe, devoid of fear, No compass or map…

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Lord’s prayer rewritten

Oh, God of all creation, source of life, Help us to sanctify thy holy name in strife, Let thy kingdom come, let thy will be done, May our actions reflect thy intentions, one by one. Provide us with sustenance, both bread and Word, As we forgive those who’ve wronged us, undeterred, Free us from the…

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Forgetful Age

Who are you? I do not remember your name but you must be a kind person sending me poems every week. Do I know you? I do not remember how you look but you must have a beautiful heart remembering me still When we all are forgotten Who will remember us? Who will tell our…

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A man of little faith

Do you want me to come out of my boat? Into this stormy sea? Just looking at you? No way, I thought! You look so confident, though. I may have a little bit of courage left I want to walk on the sea like you do Should I try? I stepped into the sea I…

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Old men and women

An old man can travel in imagination and memory everywhere without limit An old woman can fly in songs and poems to the sky and to the sea freely like a seagull Nobody can close the iron door of memory Nobody can block the steal window of imagination We can meet and chat like the…

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