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Old men and women

An old man can travel in imagination and memory everywhere without limit An old woman can fly in songs and poems to the sky and to the sea freely like a seagull Nobody can close the iron door of memory Nobody can block the steal window of imagination We can meet and chat like the…

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“Ask, it will be given you!”                                                                         

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness. When I came to the U.S.A. I could not order my foods at a restaurant. I wanted to eat hamburger at the McDonald. I asked my friend how to order a hamburger. He taught me, “Hamberger, please!” That was so easy. However, after I ate…

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Time to travel

When we are about to travel we should pack light Take off all the unnecessary stuffs from our bag Or we may not need a bag at all Our wrinkled body served us so long like an old shoes or bags for our travel we can leave them at home  and leave lightly Just one…

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“Go and Do Likewise!”                                                                                      

What is your favorite Bible story? Once I asked a church member. “What is your favorite story in the Bible?” He said “A Good Samaritan” story is my favorite. “Tell me the story!” I said to him. He said, “There was a man who walked around Jericho seven times a day, seven days. I do…

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I have hope!

One poem at a time one small act of kindness a day one cup of tea in the morning will do all that we need for the creation Keep preaching every Sunday keep visiting everyday will do all that we need to keep the universe Feed our enemies Give a cup of water to those…

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