sermon in a nut shell: matthew 1:1-11

Sermon in a nut shell: Matthew 1:1-11

We owe our lives to God. We owe our lives to someone also.

Today is the Independence Day.  We owe our lives to our forefathers. Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton to name a few. With their sacrifices and vision we have our country today. We should do our share to keep our country prosper and thrive.

We owe our biological lives to our parents. Our fathers and mothers sacrificed their lives and worked hard to make our lives like today. Even when we do not like our parents, they are the ones who have given us lives. Without them, we are not here. We should give thanks to them for what they have done for us.

We owe our eternal life to Jesus, and to the forerunners of faith, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to name a few. I also remember the first Methodist missionary to Korea, the Rev. and Mrs. Appenzeller.  I also remember the Rev. Oglesby who knocked on the doors in the Concord area to found our church. I remember and visited our members to recognize what they have done for our church. They are now old and weak but they are the ones who have poured out their time, energy, and money to make our church to grow. Now, it is our turn to make other people to know God’s love and live through God’s Grace. Let us pray and talk among us how to make that happen.

Questions for Meditation and Small Group Discussion.

  1. Who shared with you the Good News?
  2. Whom are you going to share the Good News with?
  3. What are the ways that you can think of to contribute to our church growth?

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