You are nice to the elderly!

You are nice to the elderly!

One of my church members came to me today and said, “I heard that you are nice to the elderly!” Yes, I am. Why? You may want to ask to me. I would say because they deserve nice treatment!

They are the ones who have given whatever they have had to our church and to God. They should be recognized and appreciated by the following generations. I have noticed how much sacrifices they have made so far for the church and for our country.

Secondly, I want to make their stories memorable ones. I want to remember their stories. These days, young people need role models for their lives. There are leaders who have had scandals in the White House, in the House of Representatives, and in the Senate. Not only in the political areas, but also in private sectors, we have leaders who cheat and gain their own private profit through their companies. They are in many cases graduates from the prestigious colleges in the USA. Some Catholic priests are not exempted from bad scandals either. So, in religious areas as well as secular areas, we need some decent role models for younger generations. We need wonderful role models for happy and lasting families, too.

When I visited many of our elderly members and shut-ins, they have had 50 years or 60 years of married life together. I know that no marriage is without difficulties. Every home has issues. It is not always easy for the family members to love and to forgive each other so that they can continue as a family. So, the long years of togetherness witnesses that they overcome those hard times with wisdom and love. Of course, there are some issues that only divorce can resolve as indicated in the Bible. Sometimes, life-burden is too overwhelmed for one individual to bear and we understand our fellow human beings when that happens. However, when they can go on and overcome any given hardships with God’s grace, we celebrate the victory with them. That is what I am talking about the lasting and enduring marriage and life together.

So, I want to show to the young generations the living role models in our church. I do not want to just teach them with the Bible. I want to give living illustrations from our church members. That is why I am nice to the elderly. I want to tell the younger generations what kind of reward is waiting for them when they go through all the life’s challenges with faith and hope and love.

Let us be nice to the elderly! Let us respect them with all our sincere heart! They deserve our love and respect! They are the living role models and lessons for the younger generations who need to learn what commitment means and what sacrifice requires. We all need to learn how to give to God and how to share with our neighbors. May God bless our seniors and young people together.

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