Life is short and unstable

Life is short and unstable

These days I am going around meeting our church members, especially the shut-ins and the elderly people. They cannot come to the worship service and I go to them and deliver God’s love and grace. Some people do not want me to come over to their houses and I can have great time talking over the phone.

All of them are great people. They have lived wonderful lives and have had great careers as housewives, teachers, lawyers, doctors, professors, public officials, pastors, missionaries, engineers, nurses, pilots, and politicians. They all love God and love our church. I can imagine in my mind the times when they volunteered as choir members, Sunday School teachers, committee chairs and members, prayer team members, Bible study leaders, small group leaders, UMW and UMM members.

When I see them lying in beds, these pictures are overlapped. When I pray for them, so many moments of their wonderful lives are passing through like flash lights. When I talk with them, stories are alive and figures are revived in their lives again. Even through their bodies are now weak and fragile, their soul and sprit are full of love. To encounter those souls is a great blessing to me and to deliver God’s love to them through my prayer is a privilege to me.

And I realize that someday I will be in the bed like them. My time on earth or in pastoral ministry is not endless. Many things can happen in our lives. Accidents, unexpected illness, sudden changes in life situations due to natural disasters or political upheavals can happen any time. So, the ministry that is available now to me is precious. I want to get the most out of it. Someday, it will be over. Someday, I cannot visit anybody. Someday, I cannot preach the Good News because of my body condition.

Some weep, some laugh, I have seen them all. Some talk, some listen, I have seen them all. Some have clear minds and some have lost their minds, I have seen them all. Some are rich, some are poor, I have seen them all. Some are lonely, some have lovers, I have seen them all. Some are married happily ever after and some are left alone, I have seen them all. Some have children and grand children but some have none and I have seen them all. All are great and all need love.

Father, thank you for giving me this short time of service on earth! Help me to glorify your name through my services. Every word in my mouth and every action that I take should be great means to deliver your love and grace to people, who lost hope in the world and seek meaning and direction in life. Father, give me wisdom to count my days and power to empower others to count theirs.  Help all of us to use our time, talents, and resources in the best way to lift up your name. In the precious name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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