Sermon in a nutshell: Matthew 2:1-13

Sermon in a nutshell: Matthew 2:1-12

Who is Jesus?

Many people who go to church cannot answer the simple question. Some say that he is one of the four saints: Jesus, Confucius, Buddha, and Mohammed. They say this because Christianity, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Islam are the four world major religions.

However, who is Jesus actually?

If you have Jewish background, you would say that he is one of the great prophets or rabbis (teachers). Even Moslems would say so. They have no problem in calling Jesus a great teacher or a prophet.

Jesus, however, did not call himself a teacher. He said, “The Father and I are one” (John 10:30). What did he mean by that? The Jews who heard him interpreted it as blasphemy because they thought that Jesus claimed that he was God! (“You, though only a human being, are making yourself God.”[John 10:33])  They knew and used the same language as Jesus did. So, when Jesus said that God and he was one, he meant that he was God.

C. S. Lewis, who was once an atheist and later became a Christian writer, said that there were logically only four possible options. (1) Jesus was not God and he knew about it. In this case, he was a liar. (2) Jesus was not God and he did not know about it. In this case, he was a crazy man. (3) Jesus was God and he did not know about it. It was impossible. (4) Jesus was God and he said so. Well, if we can call Jesus a saint or a teacher or a prophet, he should not be a liar or a crazy man. So, logically, Jesus must be God as he claimed!

So, Jesus is God who came down to save us from sin and death. However, his way of saving us from sin and death was to die on the Cross. This odd combination of saving and dying is well appreciated by the three gifts that the wise men gave to baby Jesus: Gold (Jesus is the King of kings), frankincense (Jesus is the High Priest who pray for us in the heavenly temple), and Myrrh (Jesus is the sacrifice for our sins). This kind of king had not been understood or conceptualized by the human kings, including King Herod. Nobody would imagine a king like that! Now when we confess that Jesus is our savior and Lord, we say that we lead others by serving.

Now I pray that our youth should be the leaders of our country and of our church by serving. The mission team to Guatemala would serve them and become sacrifices for them to have lives. This is the way that our Lord Jesus has lived out and modeled us to follow. Let us worship God by imitating Jesus!

  1. What would you do today to imitate Jesus at home or in our community?
  2. What would you do today to support  our youth or the Guatemala mission team?

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