Our brother John Glay

Memories of our brother John Glay

Our brother John Glay passed away last week. We have memorial service on Friday. I had talk with the family and found out how wonderful man he was! So, I want to share with you memories of his life.

He was one of the best huggers. He was very loving and expressed his love in hug. I realized that I missed his huge hug because when I was appointed here, he was always moving around on an electric wheel chair. He always cares for other people more than himself. When his daughter Sandra had wedding, John practiced walking the isle with her and danced with her. In his condition, it was amazing and took patience and will power to do that. He did it out of love for his daughter.

He was a story teller. Same old story could be an interesting story when John told. He had special gift to make people laugh and make stories alive. Suddenly all the figures in a story became alive and had vivid images. I thought that I should have made him read the Bible in the worship service. He could have read the Bible and everybody could have felt that people were alive! He could have been a wonderful Sunday School teacher for the children.

He was romantic. For his own birthday, he asked only a card but for the anniversary he always made sure that his wife, Barbara, should get flower and meaningful gift.  One day, when Barbara was depressed he went out with her and bought her a nice necklace. The cashier asked what was the occasion and John said, “It is Wednesday!” Ah, he was every woman’s dream!

He was also organized and good at numbers. He worked as a trustee, finance, and prosperity team member because of his talent. He handled all the budgets and checks at home and at his work places. Romantic style and organized style made a good harmony in him somehow.  One New Year’s Eve, he made sure that his company ran the computer program and still brought his wife with him to the work place, Napa, to make sure that he spent the night with her in a romantic mood.

He worked hard and made sure that the family had everything that they needed. He poured all his life to give the best condition possible to the family members. He was proud of his children that they all had wonderful spouses and good jobs. Especially, when his son JJ finished his education he was so proud of him. Children were so important for him and he even went to Chuckee Cheeze on Father’s Day.

He loved the church so much. When he was a freshman in college, he publicly said that he should go to church. He made all the other groups and meetings secondary. Church was always his priority number one. He served the church in every committee, except for the United Methodist Women (!).

Now, John has moved to heaven, leaving his hats here. Who is going to volunteer to take up his hats? After you read this, if Spirit moves your heart, come forward and take up one or two of his hats so that our church can serve people continuously.

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