Eternal life (Words of Assurance for John Glay’s Memorial Service)

Eternal Life (for the Memorial Service for John Glay)

Everybody dies. (In case you do not know that, I would emphasize “everyone” dies.) In my ministry over 20 years, I have seen them all: rich or poor, tall or short, old or young, every person dies.

Sometimes people die twice. I know at least one person in the Bible: Lazarus.  He died once but Jesus made him come to life again after four days of his funeral service. Some think that was cool! At one funeral service, three friends got together. They were talking among themselves what kind of comments they wanted to hear at their own funeral service. One man said, “I want to hear that I was the best father that a girl could imagine!” The other man said, “I want to hear that I was the best preacher and evangelist!” Then the third one said, “I want to hear only one sentence. I really do. ‘Look, his fingers are moving! He is still alive!” Yea? Some people die twice. Is it possible?

Yes, Lazarus became alive again. So what? Did he live happily ever after? No! He died again. I do not know how long he lived but one sure thing is that he died again. So, what was the point? Jesus wanted to show that he was God and could give life to the dead.  What Jesus wanted to give was not temporary life or extended life. He wanted to give eternal life to his best friend!

When we have eternal life, we do not crave for extended life! We have already won life with Jesus! Our brother John Glay has had eternal life and is enjoying it now.  He is not waiting for medical miracle to revive him again but is received by God into the family of the Kingdom of God. John Glay does not envy those who live longer on earth! He has gotten what he deserved.

Apostle Paul knew this! So, he did not long for longevity! He poured out his energy and his life to run the race that God asked him to do. He was expecting to get a heavenly reward. He almost heard Jesus saying, “Well done, my faithful servant! Now, join to your master’s banquet!” Our brother John Glay also knew that. Till the end of his life, he worked for our church. He worked for the Prosperity Team and successfully finished the new project: Chili Cook Off! Next year, we have to do the same thing in memory of John Glay. He would cheer us up in heaven! When we pray for our church, he will pray with us.

So, brothers and sisters! Let us remember this: everyone dies. We have only one life here on earth. Let us run the race for God with all our heart, our mind, and our strength. Let us give them all to God. God has stored for us eternal life and the joy of meeting our beloved ones again in heaven.


  1. What kind of comment you want to hear at your funeral service?
  2. What would be the most important thing for you to do today preparing for your eternal life?

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