Spiritual Partners

Wonderful things happening in and around our church

Today, early in the morning (7:30 AM) I went to the Fire Side Room, where the FA (Food Addiction Anonymous Group) met. I went there and attended the meeting about one and half hour. They shared principles and regulations. They were scientifically and empirically proven ways to help people to get out of the addiction. In addition to that, they are spiritually rich ways to help people. They borrowed the principles and methods from the Alcoholic Anonymous Group. In a sense, I could tell that these rules and principles can be applied to any small group setting.

Basically (1) we admit that we are helpless and there is a higher power that can help us. (2) Then we submit ourselves to the higher power and follow the lead day by day. On the journey, however, we need companions. (3)  Small groups of people with same concern call each other and help each other. We can meet and share our stories, too. (4) We also read books and writings, having conversation with the authors. (5) We can write ourselves our feelings and thoughts. (6)  Then, we can go out and put our thoughts in action and serve others in society. These are exactly principles and rules that can change people’s lives. These are also applied to spiritual groups and our church Christ Care groups.

The only difference between those AA or FA groups and church groups are the encounter with the personal God. We do not call Him “a higher power” but “our Father, who are in heaven.” We also believe that the Father shares the life through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in the Trinity with us. However, we need fellow Christians for our faith journey, with whom we can share our pains and joys. We need to read the religious writings and to write our own faith journal. We need to serve through service projects and mission trips and share the Good News and our time, money, and talents.

This afternoon, I also attended the Boy Scout gathering in our church sanctuary and Fellowship hall. It was for all the Boy Scout members and parents to honor a new eagle scout among them. Only 3% of all Boy Scouts can make all the way to the rank of Eagle. So, it was a big celebration.  They emphasize character building through discipline and commitment. These values are really precious and important these days in our society. I was glad to see those young boys to make commitment and achieve goals. Our Sunday school and Youth Group, and even Young Adult Groups share the same vision and principles. We want to raise Christ-like citizens and leaders for our church, for our community, for our country, and for our world. Our youth group also gathers together and has fellowship and service project based on their Bible Study and Worship experience. I am pleased to see that there are many young people who learn and grow in and around the church to be faithful citizen of our country and of God’s kingdom.

I pray that our church members should be more involved in such wonderful groups and share common visions. We are not alone in building God’s Kingdom. We need to have healthy and consistent partnership with such groups as FA, AA, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, and Day Care Center who meet on our church campus. They are our friends and companions along with our faith journey. May God bless all the groups that meets on our church campus!

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