Once Upon a time

Once upon a time
it was good, very good
God’s creation, yes, it was good

When the light in our soul was covered
the dome blurred the separation of waters
and the fruit of the tree looked so good, yes, it looked so good

Sun and moon,
Stars and signs all shouted
NO! IT IS FORBIDDEN! We took it anyway and everything was changed

Waters brought forth swarms of living creatures
Sea monsters, every greedy creatures that moves
ambition and destruction fly above across the dome of the sky

Now we lost God’s image
God’s breath, the Holy Wind, went back to His place
Struggles and Conflicts rule over against us!

No rest, no peace
till the voice is heard again
Let there be Cross, and there was the Cross

On the Day after Sabbath
We can breathe! We can praise!
It is good, yes, very good.

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