I would read Psalms in this Fall

I would read Psamls,

In this season of harvest.

I have enough of Laws

In the winter

When the snow made

A heavy blanket over me silently

I have seen

Those young green sprouts

Died and suffered

Through the jealous Spring winds

When I read the History of the kingdoms

The loud voices of prophets

Made  hot and sweaty Summer

Bearable with thunders and storms

Nothing has changed, I witness

So, in Autumn

I would read Psalms

I would cry with Job

I would sing with David

I would share wisdom with Solomon

Who would find Love beyond Vanity

Starting with Law

I would end with Love

Then I know

I can find Love in the Good News

Fresh wind in churches

With the Grace of the Holy Wind

Then I can long for

The redemption of the Love

No more tears, no more sigh

As He promised!

So, I would read Psalms

In this Fall!

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