Sermon in a nutshell: Matthew 4:12-22

Sermon in a nutshell: Matthew 4:12-22

God wants us to have a blessed life! God needs people who can spread the good news among people. That is the reason why Jesus called and worked with disciples.

Even though Jesus was God, he did not work alone. After he passed all the temptations, he did two things. First, he started preaching, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near!” Second he recruited his disciples. He said to Peter and Andrew, “Follow me, and I will make you fish for people.”

How do we understand these two things together? The kingdom of heaven has come near, in other words, it is available to us! If we allow God to rule our lives, God is willing and able to do that. The only one obstacle against God’s Kingdom (in our lives) would be our resistance. If we repent and give up our resistance, God is willing to come in our lives with all the blessings. God wants us to have blessed lives!

That is the job of the disciples. Jesus called disciples to spread the Good News. So, when we decided to follow Jesus, we have made decision to spread the Good News: God’s blessings are available and YOU need to turn back to take it! God has prepared everything for YOU!

Are you ready to spread the Good News to everybody on earth? If we are not doing our job, Satan will do his job. Satan will make people doubt about God’s love and blessings. Satan will make people grumble and complain about their lives, blaming parents, children, spouse, and friends. Satan will break relationships and destroy our lives. Before he does that, we need to share our faith in Jesus!

After the service, if you go to the fellowship hall, you will see many ministry fair booths. All the ministries are our efforts to spread the good news. As Jesus called his disciples, we want you to be a part of those exciting ministries! Please, look around and see if there are some ministries that your gift and talent can be used in the most wonderful way by God! May God bless you on your decision!

1.       God wants us to come to God so that we can have abundant and blessed life. What does block us to come to God? Is it fear, complaint, previous bad experience with church, or doubt?

2.       Look around the ministry fair booths! Where do you want to serve God in and outside of the church so that people may experience God’s love in their lives as you do?

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