Sermon in a nutshell: Matthew 4:23-25

Sermon in the nutshell: Matthew 4:23-25

Jesus proclaimed the Good News, taught the Word of God, and cured the sick. These are three things that Jesus did: preaching, teaching, and healing. Those three things are also what we have to do to follow Jesus.

Suppose a father has brand new cars. He wants to give them to his children, one to each (how nice!). He said, “Take it! It is for you!” (That is preaching!) Some say, “Thank you!” and take it. Some say, “You are kidding!” They walk away. (Those are two responses to the Good News)

Even though you take the car, you need to know how to drive. So, the father patiently teaches you how to drive. You need practice and theory (That is teaching). Some do not have patience and some do not want to learn.

Now you have a car and you know how to drive. However, you need health and gas. So, Jesus heals your body and fills you up with the Holy Spirit (That is healing). Now you can enjoy the ride!

However, let us pay attention to the order. Jesus first proclaimed that the Kingdom of God is here! First, we have to accept the Good News! It is too good to be true and many turn down the offer.   When Jesus said that Kingdom of God was here, he meant that we could enjoy the fruit of God’s Kingdom here and now. We do not have to wait until we die to taste the rule of God. So, we have to give up our own control over our lives. When God controls our lives, we can have more and better fruits.

However, my friends, bearing fruits demands sweat and hard works. Even though Kingdom of God is free (the car is free, remember!) we have to learn how to drive the car (in other words, we have to learn how to give up my feeling and obey the traffic signal to avoid car accidents).

One of the sign that God’s Kingdom is available to us is healing. Jesus cured people physically to show that God’s love is present among us. Sometimes Jesus even revived the dead people to show that God was the life and God was among us. However, that is the starting point and Jesus wants to finish the healing with the Holy Spirit. (Remember, the baptism of water and the baptism of fire, or of the Holy Spirit?)  I pray that we should experience God’s healing so that we can have confidence in God’s love for us. May God heal us and our country with God’s great power and grace!

1.       Now, where are you? Are you hesitating to accept the Good News? You have accepted the Good News but still learn how to drive a car? Or Are you ready to drive?

2.       To be a good driver, what kind of methods do you use? Do you attend service, participate in small groups, prayer meetings, Bible Studies, or any other mission project? In what way, those meetings or groups help you to grow in Christ and to behave as Christians?

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