Puzzle: To my son!

Puzzle: To my son!

When I was ten years old,

It looked like many apples on a tray

I told everybody that they would be delicious!

When I was twenty years old,

It looked like some kind of French hat,

I would love to wear it!

In my thirties,

The more pieces I put it there, though

I was convinced that it was a boat!

May I journey through the stormy sea with it?

When I filled the half of the frame

In my forties

I realized that it was a part of an apron!

What can I do with it?

Now I am fifty years old and do not know what it is!

Every day, however,

I lay down more pieces

One by one

Trusting that someday

It will just appears in front of me

Revealing His (or Her?) own Identity!

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