My Prayer for You


I was far away from you

I could not share the joy of looking at the blue sky together

I missed your pure smile

I missed humming melody from your soul!

I could have walked with you

On the trail listening to the fallen leaves whispering under our feet

Surrounded by the smell of autumn like thick coffee

I missed all the stories of your faith journey in your life

When and where you met our God and came to love Him!


I would have looked into your eyes,

Which would be waiting there like calm lakes

Telling to the passing wind

The brightest waves

And the darkest depth of your soul


Yes, I was far away from you

I talked only to God

What my burning desires were

What it would mean to be a follower of Jesus in USA as a sojourner

What I wanted to do for my divided mother country as a servant of God

What I would do for the rest of my life

Without sharing any of these with you!



I prayed for you!

May God’s abundant blessings be upon your sweet home!

May God’s shining grace be upon your lovely church!

May your life be filled with peace and joy like the Seven Lakes!

May the Lord that I have been meeting here with bliss by the Lake

Be with you also!


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