Everything has its time!

Everything has its time!

(A Sermon for our beloved Mr. Dawson’s funeral service) by Pastor Lee

Jay Dawson was a wise man. He knew timing for everything.

When he was young, he knew that it was the time to serve his country. So, he did. He served 22 years in the Navy. He served during World War II, the Korean War, and the African Campaign.  He was honored with many medals and citations.

After he was honorably discharged he knew that it was time to serve his community. He became a fireman and served as a dispatcher. He had a good voice and used his gift for 11 years. That was also the time when Jay met Marion. When Marion was hesitating and not deciding about their relationship, it was Jay who knew the right timing and made the decision for both of them, and they married.

And he knew that it was his time to serve our church. He joined our church in 1971. He worked for our church and made the stairs to the balcony. He made a drinking fountain and wired the barbeque grill. He worked on many carpentry jobs for the church.

Jay also knew when the time was to say good-bye. Even though he beat cancer twice, this time he knew that it was time for him to go home. Last Wednesday, when I saw him at the hospital he actually looked better. However, he wanted to pray with me. He repeated what I said into his ear. “Lord, I believe in you! Thank you for the salvation! Thank you for the eternal life! I know that there is a place for me in heaven. Thank you for your promise and for the hope! In Jesus’ name I pray! Amen!” After the prayer he said loudly, “Thank you!” It was loud enough for all the nurses and people on the third floor to hear. It sounded like he was saying to me, “See you later, in a place better!”

He served our country in his time. He served our community in his time. He served our church in his time. He served his family in his time. Now he is among our saints with the angels. May God give us faith and hope to see him later in a place better!

1.       What are the things that you still have to do before you go to your heavenly home?

2.       Now is the time for me to do ____________________ (Please, fill in the blank with prayer!)

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