Relational Reality

Relational Reality

Some things can be perceived only in relations with other things. For example, past-present-future is understood in its totality: three in one. What is past? It is the time before present. What is present? It disappears when we pronounce the term. What is future? It is the time after present. So, we can understand past or future in the light of present and vice versa. The three terms are in one in it totality. They exist only in relationships.  Father-Son-Holy Spirit, the Trinity is also three in one in their relational reality.

Same thing can be said about human relationships. Who does come first, a parent or a child? Biologically and physically a parent comes before the child. However, nobody calls a man a father or a woman a mother until they have a son or a daughter. So, logically and theoretically a child comes first, right? No, wrong! Actually a parent and a child come together. They are born in relationship. In a sense what is born is not a parent nor a child but a relationship.

God is also here when we worship God. Without worshiper, there is no God in relational reality (In fact God exists objectively and substantially). That is why an atheist says that there is no God. To him or her, there is no God because there is no relationship with God for the atheist. To Christians, God is there all the time because we have relationship with God all the time. This is a relational reality.

So, somebody should call me with name so that I can exist in a unique form. I can be a husband when my wife calls me honey. I can exist as a father when my children call me daddy. I am here as a pastor because some people calls me “pastor Lee.” So, I am a many-faced-person. If nobody calls me in my special name, I am nobody.  I am somebody only in relationships.

My friend! Build up relationships around you! That is the best way to enjoy your life fully. Forgive your friends and enemies and start new relationships. The key to every relationship is Jesus. Once we restore our relationship through Jesus with God, then the Holy Spirit can make all our relationships filled with joy and peace. May you enjoy this new life starting with Jesus, our Savior!

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