How to spend 60 minutes in prayer: Guide for your prayer time

Prayer Vigil Guide by Pastor Sungho Lee

How to spend 60 minutes for your payer time:

10 minutes: Count your blessings. Try to remember all the wonderful things that happen this year.

Try to name all the things that you still have in the middle of this financial crisis and difficulties.

10 minutes: Build up your relationship with God, the Creator; Jesus, our Savior; and the Holy Spirit, our Guide, Teacher, Helper, Sustainer, and Advocate who are holy, pure, powerful, and beautiful.

Praise them, give thanks to them, confess your sins and mistakes, ask God’s forgiveness and grace, tell them how much you love them and plea them to stay with you and be with you all the time.

10 minutes: Pray for the pastoral and lay ministers in our church. Pastor Lee, Jake Ritter (youth), Kathy  Butler (Sunday School), Doug Emigh (Music Director), Sandy Blazer (Worship Leader), Marilyn Robrecht (Office Manager), Luis Pena (Custodian), Micheal  Pope (Lay Leader), Lee Woods (Pianist), and Doug McKeehan (Organist).

Spend one minute praying for their families and well-being of the soul, mind, and body.

10 minutes: Pray for the ministries in our church and all the ministers who serve.

You can find a separate paper that includes our church 3 parts ministry: come-grow-go.

10 minutes: Pray for the future of our church. Imagine how wonderful our church would become!

(1-2 minutes)  Imagine and pray what kind of ministries are going to grow here in our church!

(3-4 minutes) Ask God those great things to happen in our church!

(4-5 minutes) Ask God who would be the right persons to make that happen and pray for them.

Final 10 minutes: Pray for your own part! God calls you according to your own SHAPE

(Spirituality, Heart, Ability, Personality, Experience-Rick Warren’s book, Purpose Driven Life).

So, think about what would please your spirit, where your heart is, what kind of person you are, what your experiences are and ask God to give you wisdom to find out your commitment for your ministry in our church.  Are you an outgoing person who likes to be with other person? Do you like children? Do you like pray alone? Do you enjoy teaching? Do you have money or stock or other resources?  Now end the prayer time with your resolution and fill out your covenant card!

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