Lessons from the Rev. Jim Hutchinson

Lessons from the Rev. Jim Hutchinson

The Rev. Jim Hutchinson is one of the former pastors of our church. He is retired but still around. I visited him today to learn some lessons about our church and about ministry. He is a great person with humor and wisdom.

I asked him what would be his advice for me in my ministry at Concord. He said, “It is a diverse congregation. Love them regardless their diversity!” He said that he experienced many people who were different from him in many ways. However, he kept loving them and loving them and had wonderful time together. So, that is what I am going to do. There will be many people who are different from me in many ways but I am going to love them no matter what.

I asked him again, “Do you have any advice to a young pastor to remember?” He said, “Find the talents and gifts of the members and let them grow and bear fruits.” I love that! A job of a pastor is to find the gift and grace of each person and let them grow. I also do the same thing at home. I encourage our family members to find their unique gift and help them to grow to the best possible potential. Ministry is also to let people grow in God’s grace to their best potential. I will do that. I will encourage people to grow and to bear fruits in their own unique way. I will not impose my own theology or ethics or laws but to encourage them to find their own relationship with God, their own life goal in God, their own way of expressing their love for God, and their own way to bear witnesses to Jesus our Lord!

Thank you, Rev. Hutchinson, for these valuable lessons!


Let them grow! Let them thrive!

Love them and let them meet our Father,

Through our Savior, Jesus, through the Holy Spirit,

Let them grow, let them thrive!

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