Fear Not!

Fear Not!

Do you know what the one commandment that Jesus said in the Bible most frequently is?
The answer is:”Fear not!” If we find the second most important one, that would be “Believe!”
Do you know why? Because Satan comes into our minds through two doors, fear and doubt, Jesus wants us to shut those doors down. However, still we have fears and doubts and invite Satan into our lives.

Do you know, then, how to get rid of Satan once it comes into our minds?
There are three important ways to cast out demons:

(1) Praise God! God is in control. Satan will be driven out!
(2) Bless your enemies! What goes out of your mouth will come back to your life. You will have a stronghold against all attack.
(3) Find good things from friends and tell them! They will start telling good things about you. Blessings will rush into your life.

These three things will free us from the power of evil.

May God bless your heart! Fear not and believe in the Love of our Father, Almighty!

May the Holy Spirit guide you, your soul, saved by the grace of Jesus Christ our Lord!

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