Sermon in a nutshell: Matthew 6:1-15

Sermon in a nutshell: Matthew 6:1-15

Today, we remember all the saints who passed away this year among our church family members. They are all in our hearts not because of their achievements but because of their love for us and for our God, the Father.

When I ask people at any funeral service to share their memories with the one who passed away, they always witnessed the meaningful time with them. Same thing can be said about our relationship with God. Our God, our Father in heaven is not looking for great achievement or big donations from us but relationship. God wants to spend time with us.

So, we decided to have prayer vigil (Nov. 13, Sat.) before the stewardship Sunday (Nov. 14). Before anything else, I mean, before money or service, we should give God our heart and prayer (time with God).

Jesus taught the disciples through today’s passage that God would love to meet us in private time. In ancient times, however, nobles shouted in the street and threw gold or silver coins in the air so that poor people can pick them up with cheers and thanksgiving. They loved to show off their generosity!

Spiritual leaders also did the same thing! They stood in the synagogues and at the street corners and prayed loudly. The main purpose of doing that was to show others how pious they were! It had nothing to do with our God, our Father, nor with the people, our brothers and sisters.

God loves to have private time with us, God’s children. I would love to have private time with my children, too! Such private time with God will grow our love for God. Then we can forgive others their trespasses as we have been forgiven our trespasses. We can even bless our enemies. (Remember, if they do not accept our blessings, the blessings will be coming back to us!) So, let us celebrate the lives of our saints, their private piety, and their model lives for us to follow!

1.     When do you pray and how often?

2.     For what do you pray?

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