Prayer for the Homeless Memorial Service

Prayer for the Homeless Memorial Service

Today we had the 6th annual memorial service for the homeless people who passed away this year.

37 times, names were called when we lit the candles and ring the bells for each one of them. I prayed for the opening prayer as follows:

Thank you God for this opportunity for all of us to remember and celebrate the lives of our brothers and sisters!

People call them homeless, emphasizing the one thing that they do not have.

However, we know that they are spirit-ful, hope-ful, love-ful, cheer-ful ones.

When we share our memories of them, help us to remember how much they had; their talents, their love, their laughter, and their tears.

Help us to call them with different names than homeless!

Thank you for the hope that we share together!

Thank you for the love that we find in each other!

In Jesus name we pray!

Actually, people shared their memories and witnessed that they are more than home-less. I pray that we all can see each other from many different angles than we have on one dimension.

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