Law, Sin, and Grace

Law, Sin, and Grace

Grace is offered to the sinners. Without sin, nobody needs grace.  On the other hand, sinners are sinners because of the law. Without law, nobody becomes a sinner. In this sense, law, sin, and grace always go together. Grace is the best and the last gift from God but law should be honored also. Each has distinctive role to play. Let me explain further.

Before anybody commits sins, we emphasize laws. Discipline, ethics, laws, and regulations are for all of us to live together in our community. They are also good for self-realization. However, they always produce sinners and losers. Some cannot keep up with them and some go against them.

Grace comes in there. Grace does not come before the law. Grace does not allow us to do anything that we want. Discipline, ethics, laws, and regulations require us to do our best. They come first. We do not say, “You will be accepted no matter what!” We do say, “You have to work hard to be accepted.” Only after we fail, we can say, “There is always the second chance!” or “You have been accepted and loved mo matter what.” Grace is offered only after we sin. Otherwise, people will abuse grace and take it for granted. If grace is offered before any action, it will be called “cheap grace.” Only after we are in trouble, the grace will be appreciated and become “precious grace.”

Laws come first. If laws come after we commit sins, we will be punished. There will be no salvation. Just punishment and revenge will be served. However, when laws come first, they can guide us, instruct us, and help us to do our best. When we meet the requirements of the law, we will be rewarded.

God has given us laws first to guide us. God wants us to be successful and happy. So, when we meet the requirements of the law, we will be rewarded with position, prestige, money, and health. However, when we miss the mark, that is the time when God allows us grace, the second chance, the seventy seven times forgiveness. Law and grace work together in this way.

Blessed are those who meditate the law of the LORD day and night and follow its instructions. They will be like trees planted by rivers. They will produce fruits and green leaves according to their seasons. Blessed are those also who failed but accept the grace of the LORD. They will recover their strength and courage to be and bear fruits next time. Nobody can avoid law, sin, and grace, and among those three, grace is the best!

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