Sermon for the funeral service for the late Mr. Ray Quilici

Imitate Me!

That is a bold command! Only God can give out such commandments to us, I thought! However, in the Bible passage for today, we read, “Brothers and sisters, join in imitating me, and observe those who live according to the example you have in us.”(Philippians 3:17)

Actually, Apostle Paul says two things. First, many people already imitated Paul and you should join in imitate him! Second, teach the next generation or encourage others to be imitators of Paul! He must be confident in his life!

However, when we read the Bible continuously, we find that Paul is talking about his faith, not about his life! He was humble enough to say that he was saved by God’s grace alone. He was what he was by God’s grace alone. That was his faith! That faith was what he was talking about when he said, “Imitate me!”

When I visited our brother Ray Quilici, he had such strong faith like Paul. He was under hospice care and he knew that he would move to the heavenly home soon. So, he arranged his funeral service. He kept one funeral service bulletin that he liked. He knew who was going to give eulogy and who was going to be his sound person. He selected special music and hymns!

After Ray passed away, I had the privilege to meet his children and in-laws. Voila! They are mighty warriors of the Kingdom of God! They all have strong faith in Jesus as Ray had. They are all active members in their own churches and leaders like Ray and Jean has been. Ray actually observed his children to live according to the example he had shown to them in Christ!

This is a well lived life! The children said to me that they had the best father that a child could ask for! My prayer is that we all should have the same confirmation from our children, if we have any! May God bless all of us who come to this service and glorify Him through the well lived life of his servant, Ray Quilici!

1.     Who are the ones that you care enough for them to have faith in Jesus?

2.     What are the examples that you have shown them at home and at church?

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