Sermon in a nutshell: Matthew 6:22-34

Sermon in a nutshell: Matthew 6:22-34

When we open our eyes we can see things that we have not seen before. At home, I have to ask to my wife for the things that I misplaced. Sometimes I am looking for things that are right in front of me and my wife laugh at me. I open my eyes but I cannot see. (Do you have similar experiences?)

Jesus taught us more about our spiritual eyes than physical ones. God is working diligently for all of us and for all God’s creation but not many people can see that. They usually make complaints, saying, “There is no God in my life!” I heard that Oprah Winfrey had a turning point in her life when she started finding five things to be thankful for everyday. As you know Winfrey was born to a poor teenage single mother. She went through tough life during her childhood. She was raped when she was nine and became pregnant at fourteen. She could say that God was not working in her life. However, she started finding five things that she could appreciate everyday! Look at her now and see what happens to her!

I also heard that because of Oprah there are now many people who write down five things that they can appreciate every day. So as an experiment, I went to a web site and typed “five things to be thankful every day.” I found out that there are 2,380,000 results (within 30 seconds)! I read some of them. People are thankful because of the fall fresh air, fallen leaves, the beautiful colors of the scene, smell of tea, smell of coffee, friendship, strength to go shopping alone, still driving, morning and sight, etc. People give thanks to God for every detail of their lives, things that many people ignore or dismiss.

Jesus said that when we are obsessed with wealth, money, and worries of this world, we cannot see those details, those beautiful things, wonderful things, and God! Once we are freed from worries, we can see the birds of the air and the lilies of the field. Then we realize that God feed them and grow them. We can then confess that we are more precious than those and God will take care of us as God has promised. Then we can put the first thing first and straighten our priorities in our lives. We can seek God’s kingdom and its righteousness first. The rest will be taken care of by God!

I pray that all of us to be happy and free from worries!  I pray that we can trust our Father and give thanks to God in any circumstances. We may not know the reason why we have trouble now but God will give us clear understanding later when we can praise God’s greatness and faithfulness. Till then, brothers and sisters, find things that we can give thanks for. May God open our spiritual eyes!

1.       What are the five things that you give thanks to God for?

2.       If you have worries, please write them down in the prayer card. Let us bring our burdens to God!

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