Repent! Be saved, my brothers and sisters in the North Korea!

Repent! Be saved, my brothers and sisters in the North Korea!

The Bible says when you rely on sword; you will be destroyed by sword. It means if you use bombs, you will be destroyed by bombs. The North Korea, who showered bomb shells on the village where civilians live, will be destroyed by bomb shells. The Korean United Methodist Church has given generously bags of rice and flour. We have sent medical supplies for the people in the North Korea. We have shown compassion for the people under military dictatorship regime. We even forgave them when they abused our love and used resources to develop atomic bombs. We still offered economic aids and begged them to give up their atomic bombs. We tried to have a future plan for common growth and prosperity with the North Korea.  We did not try to judge them because we believe that judgment belongs to God. Our job as a Christian is to love enemies.  When they shot and killed a civilian who had tour at the Keum Kang Mountain, we had to control our emotions and asked them to apologize. That did not mean for us to condone or accept what they had done. We simply struggled to practice the teaching of our Lord, Jesus Christ, who said, “Love your enemies!” When they destroyed our navy ship in a sudden and secret attack, we did not revenge through military attack. It was simply our holy obedience to the Word of God in spite of all the reasons and evidences that told us otherwise.  When they manipulated the public opinions and tried to put division between the South Korean government and the people and hid under the protection of China, we prayed and tried to be patient. We were like parents who kept loving heart for the prodigal child who ruined his own life as well as others through alcohol and gamble and violence addictions. We have waited and waited for the child to repent and come back to the loving father and mother. Then he decided to put a knife into the heart of this loving parent. How can the child be blessed and live a happy life? He will die a miserable death. I know this. The end is near!

That is why I pray for them. “Lord, the North Korea is determined to be destroyed. They have set their paths to the end. My heart is aching because they are my brothers and sisters. I do not want them to be destroyed. Please, make the leaders who take the people as hostage repent and confess their sins and give up their military weapons. Shower your grace upon them and help them to find ways for life.  Bless our people and help us to achieve peaceful reunification. We want to show a model and an example of peaceful reunification and reconciliation. As the president of the South Africa, Nelson Mandela, has become an example to follow, and as the Truth and Reconciliation Committee has become a beacon for the world, let the president Myung Park, Lee and all the churches of the Korean people be your tools to show your truth, love, and glory. And please, console those who lost their loved ones in this horrible attack! In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen!”

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