Sermon in a nutshell: Matthew 7:1-12

Sermon in a nutshell: Matthew 7:1-12

God has given us “eternal” life. It is given to us freely! That is the best gift that we have ever received! In this season of waiting for the best gift, the coming of the Lord (advent), we have to ask this question to ourselves: Why don’t people recognize this gift? What does block us from seeing this best gift?

Jesus said in the Bible that we could not see this wonderful gift because of our judgmental attitude. We are too busy judging others to see our own situation. If we see how sinful we are, we can confess that how desperately we need God’s grace. Then we will actively seek God’s grace instead of spending time in finding faults with others.

God has given us laws to examine ourselves not to judge others. If we use the laws in judging others, it is like pearls before swine. A pig does not know the value of peals. If we use laws to judge others, we do not know the true value of the laws. It is to give what is holy to dogs. Dogs will use laws to hurt others.

However, in this season of waiting, Jesus advices us to sit still to build up true relationship with God. Forget all the mistakes and sins that other people have been making and committing (whether against you or against others)! Let us focus just one week on our own mistakes and sins. Let us seek God’s forgiveness. Let us search for God’s grace. Let us knock the door to be opened for us! God has promised that God would open the doors and accept us as who we are!

As forgiven and loved people we will also love and forgive others (whether they did bad things against us or against others)! We would have them do to us the same thing! We will not try to fix other people nor their problems! We will correct ourselves and put our problems in front of God, the Judge! We want others do the same thing! In that way, we pray for peace and reconciliation between hostile enemies. That is the hope that we have this week! May God hold us in His hand and keep us not to fall in the perpetual trap of revenge and hatred! May God bless us to enjoy this unconditional love from God!

1.       Who are the ones that you cannot forgive at all?

2.       What are the mistakes (or sins) that you could not imagine to be forgiven? When have you experienced God’s unconditional love and forgiveness in your life?


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