Bike Riders

Bike Riders

What would come to your mind when you hear the word, “bike riders”?

Last Saturday, our church had about 40 bike riders on our church campus. With the sound of thunder, they arrived at our friendship circle in front of our church building. They came to deliver toys for tots. “Toys for Tots” are actually a program sponsored by the Marine Corps. Soldiers collect toys for the children of the unfortunate families for Christmas gifts. Our church also has supported that program for many years. This year, however, we asked outside groups to join to our effort to support the Marine Corps and the children of poor families. The bikers were willing to join to our church. That was why they came to our church on Saturday morning.

Around 10:00 AM, we were ready to welcome them. We prepared coffee and donuts. We put some snacks outside and turn the Christmas music on. Santa Claus and church leaders were out there also to welcome them. I was standing there to have joyful conversation with church members and leaders. Then in the rain, they rode their motor-cycles from Pittsburg through the hills and came down to our church. They were all smiling. They came with two or three toys per bikers.

We were all mingled and talked to each other. We were also excited to see them. They said that our welcome was the best greeting that they had ever had so far. I asked them what they had done so far. They went to all kinds of fund raising event to support the non-profit organizations and causes, many of the patriotic events included. They sounded like Santa Claus on Bike! So, I took pictures with them (on one of their motorcycles!). May God bless their hearts and keep them safe on roads!

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