Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels

Last Tuesday, Meals on Wheels annual Christmas Luncheon was in the Oglesby-Close Hall of our church. Even though the program is run by the County, many of the volunteers are from our church. The Contra Costa County supports those people who are over 60 and homebound. They pay according to their income and some get the meals free if they do not have any income. There are 8 paid staffs who work at the central office in Walnut Creek. One of them is the volunteer coordinator. She recruits and dispatches all the drivers. Many of our church members work as volunteers to deliver meals to the homes of the “clients.”  Total number of the clients is about 700 and each driver serve about 17 families.

On the Christmas Luncheon day, we have about 80 people, including clients, staffs, and volunteers. It was a kind of volunteer appreciation day also. One of our church members who cook all the time for the homeless shelter also cooked that day nice casserole dish. People loved it.

Then there was a group called “Tremble Clefts.” They are a special singing group of people involved with  Parkinson’s Disease. The patients sang to relax their vocal cords and families and friends sang to support them. One of them said that he could only manage an almost inaudible whisper before he joined the group. Now he regained a normal speaking voice. Some were nonverbal. Now she sings regularly with the group. It was a miracle happened with love and care!

I enjoyed fellowship with them. I can imagine that the heavenly banquet would be like that. All the homebound people are invited with the care givers. All the Parkinson’s Disease patients are singing with joy and tremble. Jesus is smiling watching over them. May God bless all of us, imperfect sinners!

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