I want to be in front of God!

When I graduated from a seminary
I was so happy and proud of myself.
I had passion and faith,
I believed I had achieved all that need to be achieved.
How happy I was!

After 10 years of my ministry,
I boasted my ministry treasures and demanded respect from others.
I was ready to fight with opponents and produced many casualties.
I felt I was the best and ignored all the scars of hurts that others had.

When I had spent more than 20 years in ministry,
I slowly realized the wounds of others,
sufferings of the church members,
and the love of the compassionate God!
That was the time when I composed my song, “Greater than…”
God’s grace is greater than my sins, my weaknesses, and my mistakes.

Now, I just pray, listening to God.
When God says “stop!” I stop.
When God says, “go!” I go.
I do not try to change others nor the world.
I just want to “be” in front of God!
My ministry and my church can be discontinued someday,
but the relationship with my God would be eternal!

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