Second letter to My Daughter

Now you can see why the Trinity is logical necessity
as well as existential reality
As a self-existing and self-satisfying God
God did not “need” to create anybody
to be called Father God,
So, God exists in Trinity,
Father-Son-Holy Spirit together
in perpetual relationship, dancing together, engaging in each other.
God did not need to create humans
to be called Father as a human father should do
God created humans out of “love”
in the image of God, the relational God
so the humans are always in relationship with God and other humans and other creatures.

My dear,
Relationship is essential,
not secondary
for everybody and for everything.
Appropriate relationship with God and others,
I and Thou (Ich und Du) as Martin Buber would term it
is “Jung” and the opposite would be “Han” as Koreans would call it.
I pray that you have community of love and caring (Jung community) in your life.
I am glad that I am a part of it.
I love you! Dad

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