To my daughter

Some says that I am before you
However, before you were born I was not a father.
Only when you were born, I became a father.
In that sense, you were before me.
But I should say that we were born together, as a daughter and a father.
Relationship began.

Some says that God was before humans
However, before Adam was formed from the dust God was not called Father
Only when Adam was formed from the dust and given the breath of life God became the Father
In that sense, Adam was before Father God.
Relationship began.

You ask what good is my life
I am just dust!
I would say you are a part of all
important part of Creation
essential part of relation

This bitter earth
is the nest of relationships
where every life is cherished
because of its uniqueness

Even the universe
is just dust
but beautiful
in its moment

My dear
all the relationships are precious
enjoy every moment
they are our guests who come only once.

I love you! Dad

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