Blessed Age

Blessed Age
Yesterday I visited
two men of 80s in the hospitals
two women of 90s at homes.
I saw in their eyes
not the greedy struggle for longer life
but the satisfaction from thanksgiving for the well lived life

The best gift of the aging
is the realization that the poor childhood was actually a blessing
and the chaotic youth was the most beautiful time of life.
Unlike young revolutionaries
who died with eyes full of anger and frustration
shouting out “More!”
they were peaceful and satisfied
at the hospital beds where the sun showers its smile
and at the dining room sofa where the sun says good-bye for the day
praying with me blessing the others.
My beloved,
I know you have your share of laughter and tears;
when you happen to think of me
remember that I am as happy as the flower
that blooms only in the evening with the moon light
I pray that you should be as content as I am.
After my conversation and prayer
I suddenly had the urge to live a long life
They did not say that helpless bodies are useless
If we fill them with thanksgiving and satisfaction
Those weak bodies can be God’s blessing!

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