A Prayer for Japan

Prayer for Japanese People


O LORD, who loves the world even to give His only begotten Son, Jesus!

We pray for the brothers and sisters of Japan.

They had this sudden attack of tsunami and earthquakes and lost their beloved ones.

Comfort them!

There must be a young man who would say that he should confess his love to his beloved girl.

There must be a young student who studied hard for a test next day.

There must be elderly parents who waited for the children to come next week.

There must be some patients who were waiting for the surgery with the hope of full recovery from their illness.

There must be a housewife who prepared dinner for her beloved family members.

Alas, all these precious moments of mundane lives were broken into pieces and death, not life, is staring at us with its wide open mouth!

Oh, God, who would not break a bruised reed and who would not snuff out a smoldering wick!

Even though what we see is disastrous reality, we believe in our faith that our brothers and sisters in Japan should stand up again with your Grace.

When we pray and donate small amount of our offerings, please bring forth little sprout of hope for their future! When the peoples on earth send comforts and encouraging words, please bring back the dead spirit into life in Japan!

Right now their words are lost and their souls are exhausted but our prayers should be channels of new lives day by day one by one in your Love.

Whenever we experience such natural disasters we confess that all the peoples on earth are one family who share the same fate together.

We confess that their joy is our joy and their sufferings are our sufferings.

Please, bless the Japanese people so that they should overcome this disaster and restore their foundation of their lives!

Bless them to be your servants who should reveal your glory through their restored souls and spirits.

Let them be whole again and sharing their restored wholeness again with all the nations in the world.

In the name of Jesus, our Lord, we pray. Amen.

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