Bishop’s confirmation retreat

Last Friday and Saturday, our 7 confirmation class members and 4 teachers went to the Bishop’s confirmation retreat at the Lodestar UMC camp ground. Our youth director Jake Ritt was also there with Walnut Creek youth members. We had worship, workshops, and conversations with our Bishop Brown. Through the worship, our bishop shared the baptism of Jesus, confirmation of Jesus, and the teachings of Jesus. We also had holy communion with the bread, which was made of all the flour that each participating church brought there. One of the workshops was about prayer in nature. We had “snow” there because it was deep in the mountain and high place! Children were playing snow fight and made snow man but I had time with God in snow.

Snow, snow,
I don’t know
when it came down low
It came silently and quietly like God’s love
It was all over but we had to find out with our heart!
It didn’t make any sound until I stepped on it
played with it
and made music with it
Then it revealed its beauty
and the green grass under it,
the new life waiting to be found!

Now I know that God’s love has been there always
it was just my heart
that could not feel it, touch it, and love it.

Once I find it
now I can say that
it is the most beautiful thing in the world
and I can die for it.
My love, I want to share it with you!

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