Easter Prayer

I planted four trees at home with prayer and wish:

One apple tree for me, one lemon tree for my wife,

One peach tree for my son, and one orange tree for my daughter.

I know they are going to grow and bear fruits.

Of course, there will be stormy days and dry seasons.

There is no one tree that grows without struggles and broken boughs.

I planted four trees at church with prayer and wish:

Tree of kindness, tree of love, tree of patience, and tree of faith.

Of course, there will be doubts and anxieties.

Still, we know that we will grow spiritually and bear fruits.

Because Jesus is risen, conquering the power of sin and death, we have hope.

Here, I want to share Helen Steiner Rice’s “A Favorite Receipe.”

Take a cup of kindness,

Mix it well with love,

Add a lot of patience,

And faith in God above,

Sprinkle very generously

With joy and thanks and cheer

And you’ll have lots of ‘angel food’

To feast on all the year!

May the Grace of the Risen Lord be with you always!

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