Message in word and song

Message in word and song

Today is a Palm Sunday. We do not have a sermon time. However, we put the word and song together. So, I want to meditate some words between songs. When you hear the songs, I pray that we all should open our hearts and engage in the communication with God and feel God’s love for us!

“Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord”

Meditation:  People shouted Hosanna with great expectation and hope for liberation. However, they expected Jesus to bring them political liberation from Rome and financial blessing for their daily lives. However, when they find out that Jesus is not going to bring what they want to them, they would turn away from Him, betray Him, and deny Him. With this burden, Jesus withdrew to the Garden of Gethsemane to sit down and rest with God, praying to the Lord.

1. When do you shout hallellujah in your life?

2. What does make you to say Hosanna?

“Gonna Sit Down and Rest Awhile”

Meditation: We also have to ask to ourselves this question: Why are we following Jesus? Why do we come to church? Our lives are full of challenge, questions, sorrows, and doubts. Do we want instant answers for all of those? As Jesus sat down and rest with God, we need to sit down and rest awhile with Jesus to surrender our will to God.

“Gonna Sit Down…Reprise.”

1. What are the words that you hear from God when you sit down and rest today?

2. What burdens did you put down before God?

Meditation: In the days that followed, Jesus was taunted, derided, falsely accused and finally brought to the cross. We often are overwhelmed by the power of His sacrifice and love. It is that sacrifice and love that brings us here together this morning. We are not here solely for our love of Jesus but because Jesus loves us. Our love for Jesus often wavers and falters. If His love for us were like our love for Him, we would never know for sure where we stand. But with His love we have the soil to give us a healthy, rooted foundation—supportive and secure. “What wondrous love is this that causes the Lord of bliss to lay aside His crown for my soul.”

1. When do you feel that Jesus love you?

2. What does make you to confess that you love Jesus?

“Angels Bore His Soul Away”

Meditation: Yes! Because of his sacrificial love, the angels bore his soul away. Angels knelt down before Jesus and served him. So, if we follow his example, if we go to Calvary with our own crosses, we shall also experience God’s power and love with all the angels. So, this is our prayer: “May we be willing, Lord, to bear our daily cross, to share the cup of grief that you have borne for us. Lord, here we stand; we’ll not forget. Lead us to Calvary.”

1. Where is your Garden of Gethemane?

2. Where is your Calvary?

“To Calvary”

Meditation:  It is not our learning and practice that make us one. It is God’s love that makes us brothers and sisters. We love one another with the love of Jesus Christ. So we come, Jesus, in your house, to worship you. As we gather in your house, bless us; purify our hearts; make us one with you!

1. What does make you feel to belong to the community of love?

2. What activities do purify your soul?

“Make Us One with You”

Meditation: We want to purify ourselves first. Then we can become one. Many times, we try to purify others first. That is why we cannot become one. Now, we stand still in front of God and see ourselves, asking God to purify ourselves. God will bless us with unity!

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