Resurrection is a fact and a common sense!

Resurrection is a fact and a common sense!

C. S. Lewis once told this story. There were two men in a town. They had not seen snow in their town hills all year round. However, one person said to his friend that he believed that there must be a high mountain in the world where we could see snow all year. He reasoned in this way: The temperature goes down 10 degree Celcius per 1 kilometer (or 5 and half degree Farenheit per 1000 feet). So even though we enjoy 65 degree F down here, if we go up 10 thousand feet high the temperature will be 10 degree F. There, we can see snow all year around. His friend could not agree with him. He said, I should see the snow with my own eyes. I cannot believe it. So, they went to Alps together. It was the first trip for them out of their home town. They were excited.  And when they arrived on top of a mountain in Alps, of course, they saw snow! And the only word he said was, “See, I told you!”

I call this way of learning things, “Learning by observing and reasoning.” We can learn many things in this way. We observe how things work and reason with them to get a new insight. If I say, 2, 4, 6 then you would say 8. If I say, 1, 5, 9, 13 then you would say, 17. In this way, we can have an educated guess.

Now, when we plant a seed, we have a flower. When we have an egg and a hen keeps it for a certain time, we have a chick. Caterpillars become butterflies. If nature shows this way of transformation of our lives, when our bodily life ceased to function, what would happen? Well, we already experience once such transformation. We all were in our mothers’ wombs. We were dependent on the belly cords. At a certain time, our mothers pushed us. We did not like that force. However, we had to come out of mother’s womb. Then somebody cut the belly cords! We thought that our lives were now over! So, we cried! However, a new world began! We now ate with our mouth and breathed with our nostrils!

So, we can tell for sure that when our body ceases to function, we will have different form of life!  What kind of life would that be? The risen Jesus showed us some glimpses of it in the Bible. He did not experience any temporal or special restrictions. Still the disciples could recognize Him when he allowed that. He even ate fish and meal with disciples! Then he finally went up to heaven with the promise of return. So, we will be able to recognize our beloved ones in heaven. We will have feast in heaven! We would not have any limits that we have here on earth! Isn’t that wonderful? When that happen, the only words that I can say to the doubting Thomas would be, “See, I told you!”

Happy Easter!

  1. Now we know that Resurrection is a fact and common sense. What difference does this conviction make in your way of viewing things in life?
  2. What would you do differently when you know that your life last forever with the Lord?

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