Catch Fire Day 5

Our church custodian is a Spanish speaking person. When he had hardship in life,

He asked me to find a Spanish speaking Methodist church in our area. I searched our

Conference website and found that there were no Spanish speaking Methodist church

in our area. So I started praying for it.

Then one day our trustee chair called me and said that a Spanish speaking congregation wants to rent our building for their worship. They are not Methodists. I prayed about it.

I had this vision that someday our congregation should have Spanish speaking group,

which will grow into a church! So, I shared my vision and the chair replied to the group “no!” Then a PSR student came to me the next day. He was fromPeru. He said that he wanted to start a Spanish speaking congregation. I told him that he was God’s answer to my prayer. So, he started Spanish speaking small group in our church. Now five people whose first language is Spanish meet every Sunday in our church. God is opening a new door for us!

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