Catch Fire Day 9

Power of Love

God is love. The triune God is the Trinity of Love. For me, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of

Love. When I receive the Holy Spirit, I can love my enemies and bless them!

The commandment is also the promise of God. Jesus promised that I can love not only

my own family (Jerusalem) and my relatives (Judea) but also the North Korean people

(Samaria),and all other peoples (ends of the earth)! Jesus ascended to heaven to show

that the Kingdom of God does not belong to the earthly boundaries.

The Kingdom of God includes all the countries regardless the races and histories.

So, now I pray in the Spirit of God for the people who persecuted us in the past (for

example Japanese people), and attack us now (for example terrorists).

Lord, help them to repent their sins and be saved!

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