Catch Fire Day 13

Catch Fire Day 13

Our family had my mother’s 80th birthday celebration last week. My mother shared her reflections on her life. She had gone through all the difficulties in her times. She and her generation went through the Japanese rule over the Korean people, the Korean War, and the military dictatorship. Through the political and economic turmoil many Korean people tried to survive. The priority of their lives was mere survival. The value system was constructed around the life and family preservation.

In that situation, many Korean Christians had done something that they would not do in “normal” situations. She reflected on her life and confessed all the wrong doings that she had done as a Christian and asked forgiveness. When all the children, including me, heard her stories and confessions, we had the feeling that her words “cut to the heart” of us.

No, mother! We are glad that you did not commit suicide and stay as a sane person. We are proud of you and of what you have done. We know you are not perfect but you did your best. You deserve our love and respect and God’s forgiveness through God’s Grace in Jesus.

Our family got together and “broke bread at home and ate our food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having the goodwill of all the people.” I hope what day by day the Lord adds the number of Christians because of our family love!

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