Catch Fire Day 14

Catch Fire Day 14

Today’s passage is for “the exiles of the Dispersion in many areas” (1 Peter 1:1). In the immigrant community, usually success, money, job, immigration law, and cultural diversity are issues.  However, Peter says that to be obedient to Jesus Christ is the most important issue for us (1 Peter 1:2)! Peter even says that we are chosen and destined and sanctified to do that!

This is the issue of priority in life! What do you value most?

Today, our church members and I rode bikes. It was a Bike-A-Thon warm up for the next Saturday. I rode 56 miles today and will ride 50 more miles next Saturday. We do this for the Heifer project and for the Youth summer mission.  There are many things to do on Saturday but we decided to praise God and spend time to support mission.

On high mountain roads, I praised God and bless all the people that I met. At a break, even a person asked me to pray for her niece, who may live in a wheel chair for the rest of her life. We prayed together. All our struggles come from wrong foundation: unbiblical priority of life. Let us proclaim that Jesus is my Lord and I have everything that I have. Then the rest of the things will be given to us by grace!

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