Catch Fire Day 15

Catch Fire Day 15

Today is mother’s day. In our church, at the worship service, our church music director, Doug Emigh, shared the story of his mother. His mother was crippled but not handicapped, he said. She had done everything to make the boys feel loved. He didn’t feel that his mother was not able to do anything because of her physical condition. His mother asked him to sing a song for her, “You have to build your private cathedral in your heart so that God can stay with you.” He thought that the song was his mother’s favorite song because she asked him all the time to sing that song at family occasions. However, now he realized that his mother was teaching him a lesson.  That was the gift from his mother. That make his heart “strangely warm.” When I heard the story, my heart was also strangely warm and I realized that Jesus has been with me all the time through my mother’s words and examples. I love you, mom!

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