Catch Fire Day 16

Catch Fire Day 16       Acts 3:1-10

There was a beggar in front of a temple. It was a busy place. He could get enough

money for his living. Even though he could not walk, he was born like that. He did not

know other life style. It was given to him.

One day, some people came to him. They did not give him money. They just said, “I will give what I have. In the name of Jesus of Nazareth rise up and walk!” Then he walked. The beggar now ran and jumped and praised God!

However, nobody would give him any money now. He had to work and earn his living.

He had never done that that way. Could he learn any new tricks and make his living?

Sometimes, we, Christians, and our churches are so used to get aids and help from

Others, from District, from Conference, we do not want to be “cured.” We do not want

to give up our “old” life style. It is scary. O Lord, heal us, beggars! Give us courage to be!

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