Catch Fire Day 18

Catch Fire   Day 18                                      Acts 4:1-22

For the disciples, the message was one: Jesus had risen. The resurrection proved that Jesus was the Son of the Living God. They said that they could not spread what they had seen and heard.

We also need to make our message clear and focused: Jesus had risen. The risen Jesus is now ruling over our lives in all areas. That will help us to overcome our fear of being rejected by others. We should also keep asking to ourselves: “Whether it is right in God’s sight to listen to people with influence and power rather than to God?”

Even when we do not have fear of being rejected, we need to be polite and mindful for the situation of the recipients of the Good News. However, we should not lose our boldness, either. Respecting privacy is one of the main blocks against spreading Gospel.

One of the way to keep this balance is servant evangelism. I recommend people to visit the web site and read creative ideas of evangelism. The address is It will help us a lot to be bold and polite.

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