Catch Fire Day 20

Catch Fire Day 20                             Acts 4:32-37

In my office, we have a box of emergency foods. It contains foods for a week for a family. When we first announce the availability of the food box for our church members, nobody came up to claim it. After two weeks, there were homeless person who asks money for foods in our church office. I gave the foods to the homeless person instead of money. Then next time, a visitor to our service read the announcement in our church bulletin and asked foods and we gave the box to him. Finally after three weeks, one of our church members came up and asked the food! It was not easy for a member to ask help because it was too embarrassing for church members to ask basic needs of their life from the church! I thought about it. Even though we come to the same God, we need to save our faces. We do not share our genuine concern and feelings. We do not want to hurt other’s feelings by sharing our true feeling and opinions in a big group!

So, we encourage our church members to belong to small groups. In the small group, we share our stories and become a family. Then we have trust and we can share our genuine feelings and opinions. We can help each other even financially! The one who came up for food also came through her small group member! I wish we can have more small groups in diverse forms where people can share true love without being afraid of losing their faces!

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