Catch Fire Day 22

Catch Fire Day Day 22            John 10:1-10                 Abundant Life

Jesus came to give us abundant life! God also promised us abundant life. In Psalm 1, we can find the way to enjoy abundant life. We have to avoid wicked advices, we should not tread on the paths of the sinners, and we should not sit and enjoy the fellowship with the scoffers! Instead, we should meditate the word of God day and night. Catch Fire daily devotion is helping us exactly to do that!

So, let us not turn neither to right nor left (politically or theologically). Let us just focus on Jesus, who shows Love!  That is the gate Jesus opened for us. I love people whether they are left wing or right wing. I love them all. That is the way I can enjoy “abundant” life. Just love them unconditionally and accept them who they are!

If I need to teach them or correct them, I would not want the teaching job with words of my mouth. I want to do it with my living and action. If I can show the world how abundant life God has given me to share with others. Every season, I can enjoy the fruits like a tree planted by a river. Would you join me in this abundant life?

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