Catch Fire Day 24

Catch Fire Day 24             Acts 5:12-16

I had ski trip with my son to Lake Tahoe. On our way back home, he told me that he hadhurts and wounds in his mind. I did not know. However, he said that among the bad onesthe ones that I was responsible for were big ones. I felt really sorry. So I said, “Sorry! Son, Forgive me!” Then he started crying. That was almost half year ago now.

Since then, our relationship has been getting better. This morning, he ate what I cooked for him and asked me how my ministry was going. I and he, we have been both healed.

Healing comes sometimes gradually. However, healing brings peaceful relationship back. If we genuinely love somebody, even the “shadow” of genuine love would heal our wounds and hurts. Many times, hurting other people happens without our being aware of them. Likewise, healing can happen without our own knowledge and awareness when we just share our love. That is why great healers do not boast about their healing miracles. I pray that should happen among our conference churches and members.

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