Catch Fire Day 25

Catch Fire Day 25           Courageous Witness     Acts 5:17-42

Today I visited a person who is a husband of our church member. He is dying. He has worked hard and loved his family sacrificially. I asked what he wanted. He said he did not want anything for himself. He wanted me to pray for his family. He wanted to give everything that he had to others. What about yourself? Do you want your health back or other things? Hoping to have a chance to say about eternal life, I asked him couple questions. However, he said, “I had everything that I wanted. Now I have no more wish.” I just found out that he had some symptoms and prayed for him. Then after the prayer, he said to come again. Now I have a foundation. Next time when I visit him, I will introduce Jesus to him!

While I was pondering about the missed opportunity to witness Jesus to someone, phone rang again. Somebody is dying! This time, I will go there and ask if he believes Jesus as his savior. I will talk about eternal life through Jesus Christ! Lord, be with me and with the person who needs you!

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