Catch Fire Day 27

Catch Fire Day 27                    Face of An Angel             Acts 6:8-15

Today I visited a church member, Eleanor Parker. She will be 91 next month. When I call her, I have to wait for the 10th rings before she picks it up. Because she moves slowly it takes time for her to answer the phone. She knows whether someone who knows her calls or not by the number of the ringing. Only those who truly know her will wait for the 11th and 12th ringing. When I visit her, she opens her door for me in advance. In that way, I do not have to wait at her door for two minutes before she opens the door.

It is a hard work for her to meet me. When I call her to see her, she needs couple days to prepare herself. Taking shower and get dressed up is a work. So, I know when she says to me to come and see her, it is a big favor.

In that condition, she prays. She prays for me and for our church every day. She says, “My only one wish is to see someone who can stir up the whole congregation to make them to pay attention to the younger generation.” That is why she prays for me. She wants her children, grand children, great grand children to come to church and to know Jesus as their savior. She still lives to see that happen!

Today’s Bible talks about Stephen, who was full of grace and power. When people saw him talking about Jesus, people saw that his face was like the face of an angel. I want to say that today I saw a face of an angel.

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